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The mission of Math Easel is to make numbers easier to use.

Why numbers?

Numbers represent our continuously changing reality. Whether measuring size, speed, cost, duration, energy, risk, effectiveness — numbers are essential for understanding and modeling the world.

Numerical models are powerful. They help catch problems, create solutions, preserve health and safety, monitor progress, and inform decision-making.

The trouble with numbers

Numbers are hard to use with pencil and paper. You must carefully manipulate formulas and painstakingly calculate results.

Numbers are hard to use with programming languages. You must carefully code algorithms and painstakingly check edge cases.

Numbers are useless without context. "46,245" by itself means nothing — you need to keep track of what it represents and how it compares.

Numbers are misleading if you assume they are true. Numbers might reflect bias, errors, fluctuations, and misunderstandings. They might be guesses about the future. One calculation with one set of numbers doesn't tell you much.

The future of numbers

What if using numbers was more like doing art? A platform for creativity, possibility, and communication? A medium that's visual, flexible, and immediate?

What if you could adjust your numbers and models as quickly as the world itself is changing?

If you had a tool that made that possible, you might call it a Math Easel.

Our products, prototypes, and consulting work explore this vision.


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