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TeraFractal is a free macOS application that lets you create complex fractal images by manipulating colored boxes in a control window.

Mathematically speaking, each box represents a transformation in an iterated function system -- but you don't need to understand fractal math to have fun with TeraFractal. You simply use the mouse or arrow keys to alter the position (translation), rotation, and size (scaling factor) of each box. TeraFractal updates the fractal image continually as you drag the boxes (using an efficient randomized algorithm). This real-time feedback makes it possible to create lifelike fractals in a surprisingly short time.

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Fractal sapling
a fractal sapling

Free Download

TeraFractal 2.5 for macOS 10.14 and above

TeraFractal is absolutely free to download and use. If you think of a way to use it to make money, please contact me.


Demo Video


You can also watch it on YouTube.


The best way to find out more about TeraFractal is to download the program and give it a spin.

iOS App

Check out the iPhone and iPad version of TeraFractal.

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